Emma Bracelet
Emma Bracelet
Emma Bracelet

Emma Bracelet

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My son started preschool last week and met a girl named Emma who he says is “like really pretty”. So, this bracelet is named after you little Miss Emma! Haha! If my son thinks you’re pretty and you taught him how to play instruments during music time, then you deserve a beautiful bracelet to be named after you! 

This gorgeous bracelet is made using mauve glass beads, hand carved bone beads, and emerald green glass beads. Seriously, beeee-utiful! 

Care Instructions:

Gold, silver, and rose gold plated brass jewelry can wear over time. The length of time will depend on the wearer.

To keep your Bexar Cub pieces looking their best, avoid the following:

Do not expose your bracelet to water, harsh chemicals, soaps, sprays, or detergents.

Avoid wearing your Bexar Cub bracelets while exercising, sleeping, bathing, washing hands, swimming, or doing physical activity that will expose your bracelet to sweat or moisture.

Store your jewelry pieces in a cool, dry area.

To prevent your bracelets from stretching out, carefully roll them down your wrist.